Who I am:

My name is Jared Jerome and I design, cut the tubes, and weld together every bike coming out of my workshop. 

I specialize in bikes built for fun and transport. Bikes for touring, commuting, running errands, going on dates, riding in the dirt, and seeing the world around you.

I like purchasing frame materials and bicycle components from companies that are completely invested in making their products. This typically includes a lot of stuff made in the USA, and also from places around the world that care about what they do.

All Jerome Cycles products are made by me in my tiny shipping container of a workshop in Los Angeles, California. 



Each bicycle I make is custom, and the pricing is based on the complexity of the bicycle and the hours it takes to make it. Framesets typically start at around $2,000, and complete bikes at $4,000. No upcharges for extra bottle bosses, rack mounts, fenders mounts, and so on.

Wait time:

Not currently taking new orders. Wait time is typically approximately 4-6 months.

Please note:

I do not provide repair services to bikes I did not make.


Email jared@jeromecycles.com for a custom quote.