Jerome Cycles consists of two people: Jared Jerome and Jonathan Garcia. Jared designs the bikes, cuts the tubes, and welds them together. Jonathan helps with assembling complete bikes.

We specialize in bikes built for fun and transport. Bikes for touring, commuting, running errands, going on dates, riding in the dirt, picnicking, going to museums, and seeing the world around you. We are more experts in fun than we are in racing.

We believe in supporting local manufacturing. Our frame tubing, fittings and bicycle components are made in America whenever possible. We design most framesets to accommodate racks and fenders, so to get the most utility out of each bicycle.

All Jerome Cycles products are made by me and Jonathan in our workshop in Los Angeles, California. 


Custom bicycles require a $500 deposit to begin work on a frameset. If ordering a complete bicycle, component cost will be billed after we determine a parts package that you are satisfied with. Deposits are refundable up until we begin our initial interview and measurements.

Make a Deposit

Other important information:

  • We charge $80 per hour plus materials/components. You can generally expect a frame and fork to cost between $1,400 to $2,800 depending on the complexity of the project. Complete bikes typically start at around $3,000 and up.
  • Framesets can be TIG welded, fillet brazed, or lugged. Whatever makes you happy makes us happy.
  • No repairs to bikes we didn't make. Only Jerome Cycles products.
  • Email jared@jeromecycles.com for a custom quote.